Wednesday, December 1, 2010

It has been quite a while since I last updated so I'll try to remember everything that has happened. We had a great Halloween this year. Tayson was Indiana Jones and Halli was an Avatar. ( I know weird for her). We did all the traditional stuff and had a blast. School has been a bit busy and crazy this semester and I am so ready for a break! But it's also been good to get back into it again. Nick graduated from P.O.S.T academy and I, being the perfect wife, forgot my camera grrrr. But he is officially now an officer and loves his job much to my dismay:/ Things are just rolling as usual around here. busy busy busy. But I love it that way. This morning we had a record snow storm in Boise. It was fun! I can't be too grouchy about it because school got canceled for me and the kids and because the weather is usually so warm here it will be gone before we know it. It made me miss Utah for just a bit but then I remembered all the times I was late for work because of the snow......... Anyway- We are all happy and healthy and life is good! oh ya and I forgot to mention that my kids both had birthdays this fall! Tayson turned 7 and Halli is 5 now. Crazy how fast they grow up!